An Industrial visit to NDRI, Karnal

An Industrial visit to NDRI, Karnal was organized by Departments of Life Sciences for the students of M.Sc. Microbiology, M.Sc. Biotechnology and Integrated M.Tech Biotechnology students on 24-04-2017 (Monday).The educational visit was like an eye opener for the students as they came face to face with the cutting edge research going on at NDRI, Karnaal in the field of Dairy Technology. Students also witnessed the products of this research in terms of Clones and various breeds of cows in cattle yard.

Dr. Diwakar Sharma (Scientist, NDRI Karnaal) informed students about various research projects undergoing at NDRI, Karnaal and what will be their implication in Dairy Technology. He also encouraged students to take up a research based career in Dairy technology at NDRI and also educated about the future prospects of choosing Dairy as a career.

Students also visited Milking Area as well as Milk Processing Area where Dr.Sharma showed the working of Automatic Milk Drawing Machines, Chillers, Pasteurizers and Milk concentrator, Spray Drier, Drum dryer respectively.

Students seemed quite excited with the visit and solved their queries from Dr.Sharma. Over all it was a fruitful trip for the students.

Alumni Speak
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    Akash Sharma

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    Trapti Sharma

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    Sumit Tyagi

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    Vicky Kumar